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Destiny Analyst Consultancy紫亨命理馆 is founded by Analyst Ong and Analyst Yeo who have been practitioners in the Chinese Metaphysics field for years. To break the stereotype of Chinese Metaphysics practitioners to be call Master or ‘Shi Fu’ (师父/ 命理师), we’ve taken on the title as Analyst instead. Both our founders have a deep interest in Bazi and Feng Shui studies which enabled us to help our clients by providing practical advice in decision making through analyzing and decrypting our client’s destiny.
Destiny Analyst believes in identifying the root cause of problems and partners with our clients to find practical solutions to their problems through personal change and Feng Shui setup. Our Analyst team constantly upgrades themselves in Chinese Metaphysics and gathering findings through their Chinese Metaphysics network that consist of people around the world. This also helps Destiny provides innovative and modernized solutions to our clients. We’ve served a wide spectrum of clients from businesses of all trades, families, and individuals in their personal and professional endeavours.

Analyst Yeo had visited my house, on the spot she could tell me what are the things that been bothering me. After I follow her advise making some shift with my furniture, things do get better.

I could feel the change!

- Mr. Tan -

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