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Before Consultation

1. Q: What if I don't know my birth timing?

    A: If you are doing Ba Zi Reading, One(1) Question Analysis with Solution and FengShui, we will require your Birth timing

        to provide high accuracy reading.

        For One(1) Question Analysis of Current Situation and Selection of Auspicious Number, Birthdate will be good enough for


2. Q: If I make an appointment but I missed it, can I reschedule?

    A: Yes, there will be 1more chance of rescheduling but if you missed it all again, Sorry to say no refund is allow and not

        more rescheduling. 

3. Q: Can I make appointment doing Ba Zi Reading for someone else like my family member?

    A: Yes, but we will prefer the person to sit in the consultation too as this will help to verify by the Person themselves that what

        been analyze is accurate. Unless you are helping your own child that need to make academic planning, you could sit in

        for them, but we still hope to hear from them what they think.

4. Q: Can i bring a friend along?

    A: Yes, just remember Safe Distancing Measure.

5. Q: How will the consultation be conducted?

    A: Video / Call ?

6. Q: 

During Consultation


1. Q: Can I record down the video/call ?

    A: Yes, why not? 

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