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Birth chart Reading


How can we help you with? To improve your luck and

let you in control of your Destiny.

Feng Shui
Living Room
Logo Designer at Work
Logo Design
with Feng Shui

BaZi Birth Chart Annual Reading

An hour decrypting session with Destiny Analyst, using your birth date and time to get an insight into your life. To find out what are your strengths and weakness to allow you to plan and prepare for what's upcoming in every phase of life. Equip yourself to make the right choices at the right time, we only live once.

Seek for Help

One(1) Question with an Analysis of the current situation

One(1) Question with Analysis & with Solution

Selection of Auspicious Mobile Number

*Oversea customer could provide 5 of their preferred number, we will analyze if any of the numbers is suitable for you.

Relationships   /   Marriage  /  Career  /   Study

Family  /   Finance  /   Feng Shui  /  Personality

If you are lost, you need some direction in life on what to do next with this obstacle in front of you. 

Common Questions Asked:

Should I join this company? What they are offering me is so attractive!

What course should I study? I never thought of that at all.

Something just so wrong, any 'Sabo-kia' in my company that I should beware of?

I want to know what is my lucky colour to improve my luck!

What industry suits me, seems like my previous years in this industry doesn't HUAT me.

Can I partnership with this person for this business? 

Can I employ this person to take up an important role in my business?

Can I start an F&B business?

I want to buy a property, which location suits me base on my Bazi?

He/She is the right match for me?

and Others . . . . .

Living Room

Feng Shui Consultation

Residential ( HDB and Private)

Residential ( Landed)

Commercial ( Office, Retail, Shophouse and Factory)

A house with Good Feng Shui is all about having positive energy (Qi) into your home which is wealth. Wealth is not just about money, is about health, happiness and opportunities for you and your family. A house is where everybody returns to get recharge from a long day, it is important to put the right family member at the right place to enhance each well-being.

If you are suffering from bad health, career going downhill out of a sudden, marriage falling apart during to quarrelling and other negative encounters after moving into your new house. Is time to audit what's wrong with the Feng Shui, find out where is the problem and rectify it.

We are able to provide service such as:

- Selection  of unit before purchase

- Advise on placement of fixture before start of renovation

- Audit on existing unit Fengshui

- Annual auditing for existing client

Logo Designer at Work

Personalized Logo Design with Feng Shui Advisory

Personal Identity Name Card

Everybody need an Identity, NRIC, Passport, Business card and etc. What about something is customize made for you, base on what could benefit you. Have you though about Personal Branding? Who you wish to be is how you want others see you as that Person. Be Geniune & differentiate yourself from other. Live your brand by telling who you are at work or personal life. May a change by managing yourself as A BRAND.  

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